Keech Children’s Hospice

08th July 2015

Keech Hospice Care LogoThe Herts Advertiser is so pleased to announce that the charity we will be supporting with the Community Awards will be Keech Hospice Care.

Keech Hospice Care is the children’s hospice for Hertfordshire and supports and cares for seriously ill children who can never be cured and their families.

We currently support around 150 Hertfordshire children from diagnosis up until the end of their life and believe no child should have to face a life-limiting illness alone.

Keech’s care extends to the entire family offering emotional, spiritual and practical support. For these families in Hertfordshire, when it seems as though nothing will be the same again, we are there to help.

The care is not just provided at the hospice but our work extends out to the hospital where a sick child is being cared for, at their school and in their home – wherever the support is needed. Keech’s care does not stop at death. We continue to support families across the county for as long as it is needed afterwards.

Keech is here to support Hertfordshire children and their families and we depend on the kindness of the people of the county for our survival. We rely on 70 percent of our funding to come from fundraising in the community so we can keep doing what we do. It often surprises people that only 30 percent of the funding we get comes from the NHS, local authorities and the Department of Health.

Mike Keel, Chief Executive of Keech Children’s Hospice said more than 250 families in Hertfordshire are being left to face the devastation of having to look after a sick child alone.

“We know there are at least 400 children across Hertfordshire who are dying,” Mr Keel said.

“Currently, Keech can only support around 150 of them. This means there are at least 250 families being forced to cope with a very sick child alone.

“We want to make sure we reach every single seriously ill child in Hertfordshire and give them, and their families, the support they need throughout the time they need it most. We can’t do this alone. We need people in Hertfordshire to help us fund their vital, local children’s hospice and support some of the neediest children living in their community.

“Keech’s campaign to raise £2 million over the next three years will mean we can help every dying child and their family in Hertfordshire when they need us. Hospitals can be scary for some children and by raising this money we would be able to provide seven new community nurses and 10 new healthcare, play, music and social workers who would care for sick children and support families within their own home, whilst at the same time creating special memories throughout the most difficult of times.

“As a local charity and your Children’s Hospice for Hertfordshire, Keech is delighted to be supporting the Herts Advertiser Community Awards. The fundraising and volunteering we receive from the community allows us at Keech to give the best care and support to very sick children and their families across the whole of Hertfordshire at the time in their lives when they need us most. Many people are often surprised to hear that we are the children’s hospice for Hertfordshire and so we are delighted to have the support of the Herts Advertiser to help raise awareness of our vital work” Mr Keel said.

For more information on Keech Hospice care, please visit